sephora playhouse

I’ve never been much of a fan of makeup until I decided to dive into it last year as one of my curious endeavours. Growing up, I’ve been quite uncomfortable about the whole industry. I framed the beauty scene as merely another commercial whirlpool, gaining momentum from the insecurities of its materialistic consumers. And I didn’t want to render myself part of that toxic societal trend.

There has been a shift in my perspective, though. I think makeup, as platitudinal as the saying goes, is truly a form of artistic expression—one that has taken centrestage in this era. Almost like an art movement. After seeing how far an inkling of concealer can go in bolstering someone’s self-image has really led me to realise that makeup is more than just the glitz and glamour. It’s a means to achieve beauty, which always has been an instinctive human desire. Just like placing an arch in a meadow, adding songs to a concert repertoire or simmering a main course in rare spices, I think splendour can be attained in many ways indeed. Makeup happens to be one of them.

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