wait i can explain this!!!!!!!!

before you think i’m insane, i ran a study blog when i was 14-16 years old and i have since deleted it but i store my posts here for nostalgic reasons…

have fun wading through them if you’re interested!

items: japanese food sticker pack, my melody sticker sheet, bread bunny stickers, bujo, tombow brushes

items: chemistry and biology notes, tombow bushes (sky blue, pink, orchid, coral), washi tapes, stickers, film strip

items: bujo, polar bear stickers, chem notes, tombows, washi tapes, mildliner

items: washi tape, bujo, stickers, sticky notes, tombows (pink rose, pink)

items: bujo, tombow brushes, stickers, washi tapes, SNAPS stickers

items: bujo, stickers, washi tapes

items: bujo, stickii sakura pack

items:SNAPS stickers and photocards, bujo, typo notebook

items: tombow, bujo, kumamon stickers, daiso stickers, chemistry notes, washi tapes

items: bujo, rabbit stickers, red tombows (carmine, chinese red, crimson, warm red), galaxy washi tapes, dog stickers, geography notes

items: bujo, hello kitty bubble stickers, gudetama washi tapes (fukuoka edition), biology notes, rilakkuma stickers

items: geography notes, tombows (tan, scarlet, golden ochre, rubine red), bunny stickers, bunny bookmark)

items: bujo, sumikko gurashi letter set, washi tape, seal set, chicken noodle sticker pack, tombows (baby yellow, peach)

items: bujo, sumikko gurashi sticker flakes, bunny bread stickers, geography notes, geriatric medicine notes, washi tapes, tombows (process blue, sky blue, sea blue)

items: bujo, name stickers, sumikko gurashi stickers, dog letter set, washi tapes, tombows (coral, baby pink, hot pink, chrome orange, sand)

items: daiso bookmark tabs, literature notes, bujo, washi tapes

items: bookmark tabs, bujo, washi tapes, muji pens

items: dog stickers, dog calendar, muji pens, washi tape, sticky note

items: washi tapes, tombows (coral, orchid), sticker packs, biology notes

items: christmas stickers, christmas painted card, present paperclip, astrology bookmarks

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items in this picture:  chinese comprehension passage about success (highlighted with mild pink, light blue, violet, turquoise and mild gold mildliners), sarasa pens from the set of 8 milk colour series, a stalk of baby’s breath)


items in this picture: bullet journal, sumikko gurashi neko sticker pack, sumikko gurashi bookmark stickers, washi tapes, cat letter set, muji notebook, artline stix brush

items in this picture: literature notes, sarasa mildliner pens, anpanman stickers, sandwich stickers, brushable pen, artline stix

items: bujo, hyacinth brushable pen, muji pen, sumikko gurashi stickers, frixion highlighter, origami paper, washi tape 

items: bujo, sarasa milk colour pen, stickers, bookmark stickers, mildliner, blush tombow brush

items in this picture: mildliner collection, pentel touch pens, tombow brushes, brushable pens, typo notebook, artline stix

items in this picture: philosophy notebook, sushi stickers, bread memo pad, gudetama bookmark stickers, raindrop washi tape

items in this picture: bujo weekly spread, mt washi tapes, memo pad, the little prince stickers, acrylic paint

items in this picture: dotted muji notebook, washi tape collection


items in this picture: chinese notes, mildliners, sarasa milk colour pens, sumikko gurashi sticker packet, instant camera


items in this picture: cubic equations notes, typo notebook, sentimental circus sticker pack, letter set, tombow (brush), mildliner, sarasa milk colour pen


items in this picture: chinese notes, washi tape, mildliners, food stickers, sarasa milk colour pens


items in this picture: reduction and oxidation notes, traditional japanese notepad, tombow brushes (asparagus and holly green), owl sticker pack, sumikko gurashi envelope set, hole puncher


items in this picture: partial fractions notes, mildliner, tombow brushes (asparagus and holly green), traditional japanese note pad, mug, hole puncher, russian doll stickers


items in this picture: literature notes, milk and honey by rupi kaur, tombow brushes, notebook, molang stickers, tamagotchi envelope set, sarasa milk colour pens


items in this picture: globalization notes, tamagotchi envelope set, rilakkuma bookmark stickers, sarasa milk colour pens, smiggle notebook, molang stickers


items int his picture: refugees notes, sumikko gurashi plushy, tombow brush, molang stickers, mildliners, decorush tape, daiso note paper


items in this picture: taobao loot!


items in this picture: bullet journal, mildliners, sarasa milk colour pens, jam jelly sticker packet, washi tapes, sumikko gurashi bookmark stickers


items in this picture: bullet journal, sakura sticky notes, washi tape, rilakkuma stickers, sumikko gurashi bookmark stickers, molang sticky notes, sarasa milk colour pens


items in this picture: chemistry notes about ionic charges, polar bear bookmark stickers from daiso, sumikko gurashi colouring book from aeon, sarasa pens from the milk colour series, blue washi tape)

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items in this picture: 2017 mood board in my bujo, washi tape collection


items in this picture: bullet journal, waterlily and lotus, fig and papaya candles from kmart australia, pink and green staedtler markers


items in this picture: notes binder from muji, geography notes on mangroves and coasts, yellow, smoky blue and green mildliners, sticker box, macbook


items in this picture: literature notes on the joy luck club, gold mildliner, cai shen ye (god of wealth) bobble head


items in this picture: loool…. taobao loot — phone cases, sticker sheets and packs, pens, washi tapes, notebooks 


items in this picture: totoro sticker packs, enchanted forest coloring book, faber castell colour pencils, garden-themed washi tape


item: my sticker box


items in this picture: english notes on ‘vanishing trades’ in singapore, sarasa pens from the milk colour series, star sticker sheet, washi tapes


items in this picture: a math notes on polynomials, sumikko gurashi sticker pack, sarasa pens from the milk colour series, sakura washi tape, a stalk of baby’s breath


items in this picture: literature notes on june woo from the joy luck club, sarasa pen set, washi tapes, sticker sheet, jam jelly sticker pack


items in this picture: bujo, macaroon + cupcake deco rush tapes, garden-themed washi tape, gudetama sticker pack, yellow notebook


items in this picture: literature notes on an mei-hsu from the joy luck club, sarasa pens from the milk colour series, sakura washi tape, sticker flakes, pink milkliner, sakura envelopes


items in this picture: bujo, washi tapes, sumikko gurashi sticker pack, sarasa pens from the milk colour set, mildliners, felt letter sticker sheet


items in this picture: bujo, rude cat phone case, bunny sticker markers


items in this picture: a math notes on the remainder theorem, washi tape, sumikko gurashi sticker flakes, bunny bookmark stickers, tombow pen set


items: muji dotted notebook, washi swashes, asparagus tombow pen


items in this picture: muji dotted notebook, handwriting tag, milk mildliner, blush tombow pen, hot spring notepad from nagano, vegetable sticker sheet, ‘little fairy’ phone case, ice cream made with bindeez


items: scented sarasa pen, panda stickers from daiso, bujo, mildliners


items: muji dotted notebook, mildliner collection, owl stickers from daiso


items: bujo, macbook, muji notebook


items: muji grid notebook, scented sarasa pens


items: llama sticker sheet from japan home, mildliners, expenditure page in bujo


items: name stickers and name stamp, bookmark stickers from japan, macbook


items: mildliners, japanese exercise book, muji grid paper, bookmark stickers from japan


items: bujo, mildliner, thoughts and reflections journal from typo


items: chemistry notes on bonding and structure, scented sarasa pen, pink sarasa pen, macbook


items: chemistry and english notes, scented sarasa pens, muji binder, macbook

items: bando planner, tombow brushes

items: literature notes, tombow brushes, cat stickers, washi tape, joy luck club book, polaroid photo frame from urban outfitters

items: bando planner, rapunzel stickers, african gemstones, muji pen, kuretake metallic brush, mildliner, miniso candle, literature essay

items: chemistry notes, muji binder, panda stickers, washi tape, tombow brushes

items: bookshelf

items: bando planner, the confusion of happiness poetry collection, washi tape, Lovisa quote card, tombow brushes, MacBook Pro, sarasa milk pens

items: washi tape collection, tombow brushes, pencil case