facial routine


to make up for my lack of quality content here and pretentious poetry, i’m just going to do a mini post about my daily facial routine because today i feel like writing about something (⌯⌅⌄⌅)


(from left to right)

  1. bioré cleansing gel
  2. eversoft blackhead removal scrub
  3. aloe vera toner from the body shop
  4. wonder pore from etude house
  5. the smim from the face shop
  6. aloe vera gel
  7. aloe vera soothing cream from the body shop
  8. water sleeping mask from laneige
  9. aqualabel special gel cream from shiseido
  10. bioré uv aquarich sunscreen

firstly, i cleanse my face with the bioré cleansing gel. cleansing is very important to get all the dirt off of your face first!! then i exfoliate with the blackhead removal scrub to remove any excess dirt, though i tend to stay away from it if my skin is sensitive from a breakout or cold sore. after gently dabbing my face with a towel to dry it, i apply either 3 or 4 to my face with a cotton pad. after waiting for it to dry, i apply either 5/6/7 to moisturize (usually, i use the aloe vera gel to soothe any acne i may have at the time). finally, depending on the time of the day, i spread 9 or 10 on my skin. before i sleep, i apply the special gel cream from shiseido as it leaves me waking up with smooth and supple skin. in the morning, i apply the sunscreen to protect my skin from any damage that could be done by the sun!!


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