ode to autumn

zesty salmon from rollie olie

visiting the agape village with friends from church

grilled salmon with pesto sauce from swensens at the airport!

red bean ‘mooncake’ from Japan

post-eoy celebration at daessiksin!

won first runner-up (doesn’t it sound nicer when you put it that way?) at a science and math competition

our prize snacks

cousin’s birthday buffet at the westin
taro milk tea

shiitake mushroom noodles from greendot

Mid-Autumn Festival dinner with family

throwback to the kyushu days! intentionally edited this to look more autumn

corn and vanilla flavoured ice cream!

colourful salad from maki-san!

falafel sandwich from joe & dough

best friend’s birthday at tanuki raw

fav snack????

gold rush salad from rollie olie


unagi and omelette rice from itacho sushi

bingsu from fingertips at the star vista

acai bowl from håakon!

midnight dinners with dad

sashimi salad from ichiban boshi after my piano exam

first ever pumpkin spice latte


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