some personal collections of songs on spotify that i love

oishii! – jpop! which i think is sadly underrated as hell

gleam & glow – upbeat n groovy

speechless – instrumental music for studying from my favourite movies, musicals, animes, classical composers, tv shows etc.

to melt – calming ballads, indie, alt rock

nostalgia.mp3 – i hate to use this term but………. y2k

oldies – deep dive into the 60s to 80s

at arm’s length – for those afraid of love, or the likes of it

trinkets – a conglomeration of all my absolute favourites as of 2018. they don’t necessarily complement each other but these are the songs i will never grow tired of replaying

encore – fav musical songs

dadum – rap

faith – praise and worship

christmas tunes – you know, christmas songs really put me in the mood for anything! thhey just bring me feelings of celebration, of commune, of closure.

好听 – chinese songs