bypath pray hid 

i refuse to believe our worlds will never collide, like meteors with potsherds of moondust and ice strewn across the milky way that lies between your palm and mine. maybe i’ll try to steal a handful of iridescent stars from the rabbit-hole of your eyes to save like silver for those who come after us. i’ll pick up a needle to embroider the constellations of our astrological signs onto canvassed bedsheets to show the world that chrysomallus and castor & pollux can shine as brightly together as they do when the seasons change. when the phone clicks and hums i’ll kiss you so hard there’ll be nothing else to be heard but the mechanic clanking of the ritualized orbit of our planet and god knows how many out there, around the only truth we’ve ever known. you are the meteorite that burns the brightest in this eigengrau abyss, and i’m standing here, still as i can be, ready to feel tremors shiver down my spine

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