i’m sorry for my recent disappearance in terms of poetic entries. my voice and imagination had simmered away into the thousands of blank papers that i had been forced to review, complete, mark, revise, write, examine, analyze, take down, remember, cite, fill up; you name it. what a paradox it is — education and school gave me the gift of what it is to write, yet it is too what drowns it away. due to recent events i had been brought back to read a few of my past works that i had uploaded on this website, and i am nothing but bemused as to how much i had forgotten the joy of documenting my musings in the form of prose/poetry. how wonderful it is to have my own words remind me of the beauty of itself. i promise i will be back, and i promise to learn to let the sunrise bleed into not only my eyes, but my soul once more, and with that i will pick up a pen. 
– xoxo kelly

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2 thoughts on “resurrection ”

  1. I hope you can find that inspo again, until then get rest and take in each and everyday, treasure quiet times and really just feel, your welcome to drop by my page for inspiration as well…i also write poetry from time to time and have an advice column for different topics in life. Dont worry inspo breaks happen to all of us im sure you’ll be fine until take each day :))

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